Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Months

Adalyn is 2 months old already!

Sometimes I think the girls look like each other and sometimes I am not sure.
Abigail was bigger and she had a lot more hair. They both have their Daddy's blue eyes!
Here is Abigail at two months.


KarenD said...

Has it been two months already? Wow. I have the same thing with my boys... sometimes they look the same, sometimes not. But they certainly ACT different as babies. Throws me for a loop sometimes. You have some sweet girls there! Congrats!

Brett, Julz, and Emma said...

Hey sweet friend!! Miss you!! You have such beautiful girls!! I can't believe Adalyn is 2 months old already! Crazy! Hope to meet those sweet girls someday!! :) Love you Amanda!