Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warmer Weather

We have loved the warmer weather this week! Evan and Abigail have enjoyed wagon rides and playing in the yard. They love riding in the wagon together. It's really cute how they look at each other and just laugh.

Uncle Bobby gave Abigail a golf set for Christmas. When we go outside she is always asking if she can play golf. Evan just wanted to run around in the grass. He didn't really care about the balls or the clubs.

We have a bunch of masks left over from Bobby's party. Abigail really likes wearing them and making Evan wear a mask, but Evan is not really a fan.

We also have a hat leftover from the party, so Abigail is really enjoying playing dress up in all the left over costumes.

Happy Birthday Bobby!

My brother Bobby turned 30 this month, so we surprised him with a few friends and family for his birthday.

He was totally surprised, so it was fun!!

We thought it would be fun to dress up as super heroes for the party. Way before the party Abigail really wanted to wear her mask and cape. Notice she wanted Daddy to wear his mask while he ate lunch.

Abigail had so much fun at the party with all her cousins. Dalena also shared her ice cream and cake with Abigail, so she was super happy!

Crystal came as Sparkle Girl.

Uncle Troy had the best costume, but it turned out his extra large Spider Man costume was in youth sizes, so it was best that he didn't wear it long. :)