Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to Mexico

August has been such a busy month. Adam finished the bar the last week of July, and we celebrated by going on vacation to Mexico for a week. We had a wonderful trip! We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach and reading. It was a good break for both of us. It was our first time to be away from Abigail for more than a day, so we really missed her. I loved my time with my husband on the beach, but I was ready to come home and hold by baby after six days without her.

She had a blast with her grandparents and didn't miss at all, but she was super excited to see us on Sunday. It melted my heart when she ran to the door shouting, "Mommy!! Daddy!!"

We ate lunch by the ocean everyday. On my birthday we watched the sunset while we ate dinner. It was a great trip!!

I was so excited to hold my baby when we came home! I was trying to get a picture of her new Mexican dress, but she only wanted to stay in my arms.