Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Busy Day!!

Abigail's sweet friend Evan invited her to go to the Children's Museum today. They have a great room upstairs for little babies. Abigail loved it!! The room is filled with balls and lots of space to run and play. She also really liked driving the little cars.

When we came home Abigail made sure she gave Atticus lots of attention!! She gives Atticus hugs all day long. They love each other so much!!
Abigail also LOVES chairs! She loves to sit in her booster seat. The moment you put her in this little seat she is so happy. She is constantly going to her chair and saying "Up! Up! Up!"
She is also showing you all 8 of her teeth in this picture. She is normally too busy to get a good smile for a picture, but her little chair just makes her so happy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This weekend Adam celebrated his second Father's Day with his sweet baby girl!! Abigail loves her Daddy so much!!

Abigail also loves balls!! We brought a bag of toys to her Grandparent's this weekend. As soon as she saw her ball she wanted to carry it in the house!

This was last Father's Day. Look how much my baby has grown!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun!

Today we got to play in the water with some great friends. Thanks Becky for inviting us to go swimming with you guys. Becky's neighborhood has the coolest pool for kids. A big part of it is only a foot deep, so it's great for Abigail.

Before we left Abigail needed to take the little car for a spin!

Jade decided to hop in the back for ride!

Here's my sweet baby supporting her Astros for her Daddy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun with Friends!!

Abigail and I have been spending time with sweet friends! Last week we got to see our friend Katie. Tomorrow she is going to have Baby Ellie, and we are so excited!! Katie was super nice to let us stay with her for a few days so close to her due date!!

We also got to play with Reece and Joe. Becky and Daniel are packing up their whole house, so I went over to help pack a few boxes. It's hard to get three kids to look and smile all at the same time, but this was the best picture. Abgial likes to sit in Joe's lap, but I could never catch it on the camera.

Abigail is learning what to do with crayons. She plays with them more than she colors on the paper. She also likes the crayon box just as much as the coloring.

Today our friend Jade came over to play, and the girls have so much fun together. Abigail follows Jade around, and they love to make each other laugh.

The lighting from the window isn't the best, but their giggles are so fun to hear!