Friday, May 29, 2009

Splash Pad

Today was Abigail's first trip to the splash pad. We don't have one in our neighborhood, but our sweet friends invited us to go with them. Reece loves to run and play in the water, but Abigail is still not super sure how she feels about the water spraying her.

Abigail thought Joe needed to wear Reece's sunglasses, but he was not very excited about the pink glasses!
Joe was such a good boy in the stroller. He had fun watching Abigail and Reece run around in the water.

The car was Abigail's favorite place to play. It was also a safe dry place away from the spraying water.

Thanks Reece and Joe for letting us play with you guys today!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Graduation!!

After three years of hard work Adam has finally graduated from Law School!! YEAH!! We are so excited and proud of his super hard work!! We celebrated with some friends and family last weekend at Adam's parents' house. It was nice for Adam to spend some time relaxing between finals and studying for the Bar. He was back in class early Monday morning for his Bar Review class. He takes the Bar at the end of July, so he still feels like he is in school.

Abigail is sooo proud of her Daddy!!

The graduation ceremony was during Abigail's nap time and she thought it was a little long. She spent most of the time walking around the foyer with Aunt Megan and her Grandparents.

On Saturday Abigail got to splash around in the pool with her friends. Jade was so good, and she kept her hat on the whole time!!

Reece was very happy taking the water from the pool and watering all the plants.

We were so glad John and his parents came to celebrate with us!!

Abigail missed another nap during the party. Her Grandpa rocked with her in the swing while she was waiting for her dinner. I think she also enjoyed eating the cup!

My brothers and nieces were super sweet to come celebrate with us!

Reece loves playing with her Daddy. He took her to see the big catfish in the pond. I think all the kids loved watching them come up to eat the fish food.

Mawmaw came in from Lousiana, so on Sunday we spent the day letting her play with Abigail. Thanks Mawmaw for coming to visit us!!

It got a little chilly on Sunday so we didn't swim very long. I was really cold, but Abigail just wanted to float in the little green intertube. Everytime I would take her out she would try to get back in it. We eventually took her out because when the wind would blow I could tell she was cold.

Abigail is a full time walker! She is very busy exploring her new world!! It's also hard to get a good picture because she is always on the move.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This morning we went to church with my family for Mother's Day. I think my mom likes showing Abigail off to her friends! We went back to my parents for lunch after church. It was nice not having to cook or clean all day!!
My brother Bobby was also at church and lunch. Abigail had fun playing with her Uncle Bobby.

Abigail and her Grandparents

Can you tell she was trying pull out her ponytail? Her hair is getting long, but she doesn't like bows or anything in her hair. As long as she doesn't know it's there it's fine, but as soon as she realizes I put something in her hair it is out and in her mouth. I was shocked when we picked her up from the church nursery because she still had her ponytail and both shoes on her feet. I think she was so busy playing she didn't notice them.

Abigail let Mommy take a nice long nap after church for my Mother's Day present. A guilt free two hour nap is worth more than anything she could have bought me! After our nap we went to visit Adam's family. Adam stayed home to study for his finals, so I took Abigail for a swim at Grammie's house. She had fun splashing in the water.

She is finally big enough to turn around and face forward in her big girl car seat. It's a whole new world sitting this way. I think she really likes it. It's also nice because because the air conditioning hits her face so much better now. It will be better on those hot summer days.

Abigail giving Atticus some much needed love!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Abigail and Her Dog

Abigail spends a lot of her day playing and hugging on Atticus. While I am getting dinner ready the two of them sit and look out the front window waiting for Daddy to come home. They are pretty cute together!!

Abigail had to go back to the doctor yesterday for a weight check. She was not gaining weight like the doctor wanted, so we had to work on giving her higher calorie foods. She has been eating eggs with heavy whipping cream, full fat yogurt, and lots of cheese. She is not a super big eater, but she has gained weight. She weighs 20 pounds!! She gained two pounds in one month. Abigail is finally growing out of her 6-9 month clothes.

She also has not had any allergic reactions to any foods!! YEAH!! She was sooo sensitive her first six months, but I think she has grown out of all her sensitivities. She has not had any problems eating dairy or soy. We did some lab work yesterday, so we will know for sure today or Monday if everything is okay.