Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Baby is Sick

Abigail started coughing a little bit this weekend, and I thought it was just allergies. As her cough worsened, I decided to take her to the doctor. It turned out she has bronchitis. She needs four breathing treatments a day, and they take about 10-15 minutes each time. She fights them a little bit, but for the most part she stays pretty still. She is such a trooper! Adam even came home early today, so he could help with her afternoon treatment. Hopefully in a few days her cough will be gone. She already sounds a little better.


Cora said...

I'm sorry Abigail is sick! :( It is so sad to see them struggle breathing thank God for nebulizers!!

mmnevill said...

I had to to do that with both kids - Addie was about Abigail's age. She absolutely would not wear the mask, so we just held the tube under her face so she would breathe it in while we read to her in our lap. The doctor said, "If she's crying, she's inhaling!" I hope she isn't feeling too bad.